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    Here you will find an awesome interview exclusive for this site by the man himself

    We also have an exclusive interview from J.J Perry which we did back in November 2007

    J.J Perry Interview

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    Wolf Warrior - Trailer

    Upcoming Projects & Rumors

    Zero Tolerance(due for release)

    Grimsby (filmed)

    Wolf Warrior (due for release)

    Kickboxer - remake (to be confirmed)

    The Raid 3 & The Raid (american remake) (rumor)

    Undisputed 4 (Waiting:) )

    August 2014


    Scott has currently been filming his part in Sacha Baron Cohen's new film Grimsby due for release July 2015. Some photos below of Scott's look for the role

    Kickboxer - Remake

    It was announced that Scott will be starring in Kickboxer - the remake to Jean Claude Van Dammes classic film. Rumored to be joining Scott is fellow martial arts superstar Tony Jaa. The film already has a stellar cast and crew with the likes of Alain Moussi as lead and co-stars George St-Pierre & Dave Bautista. Along with J.J Perry as action director and Larnell Stovall as fight choreographer. This not 100% confirmed as of yet.


    Over the past few months Scott has been around the U.K doing his power kicking seminars with a fantastic turn out, we have added some photo's to our various gallery for you guys to check out.


    I just want to say a big thanks to all the fans helping both Scott Official Facebook page hit (1.9 million likes) and our Yuri Boyka page hit (2.5million likes), keep sharing the pages guys. Again thank you

    Yuri Boyka Facebook page

    Yuri Boyka Facebook page

    February 2014

    Close Range

    Here we have the sales poster of Close Range which is from the Berlin European film market. This is not the final poster for the film!

    Metal Hurlant Chronicle - Season 2

    We have just added 34 photos from Season 2 of Metal Hurlant Chronicles. Check out the gallery below


    February 2014

    Rumors & potential projects

    Scott was recently in Thailand filming a new project and met up with Thai action phenomenon Tony Jaa & Dolph Lundgren, some great pictures below of the meeting. Tony posted on his Official Facebook page "Like I said earlier, the pace is picking up on the set of Skin Trade. Skin Trade is a new action thriller starring Dolph Lundgren, me, Ron Perlman, Michael Jai White, Celina Jade, Peter Weller, Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa and one more surprise person. TJ" This has fanz thinking that there could be a potential cameo from Scott?? We will see.

    Another rumor with fanz wondering if it is Scott that will feature is, the new Tekken film, this comment from Larnel Stovall prompted fanz to wonder - "Congrats Kane… its your time. Check out Ninja 2 to see why Kane can bring something fresh to "Tekken".. I wonder who else might be announced soon." Scott recently worked with the same crew on Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear so it could be possible!?

    Impact online announced that Adkins and Florentine are joining forces once more for "Close Range", for plot details head to Impact Online below.

    Impact Online

    Seems its another busy year for Adkins as another project has been spoken of by Daniele Favilli the quote was from an interview by - "I'll be working with Italian director Giorgio Serafini in his new project, an action movie with Scott Adkins and Zoe Bell", nothing official has been announced so again we will see.

    Scott has expressed he is a massive fan of The Raid and would love to work with director Gareth Evans, after the trailer for The Raid 2 trailer hit the net, Scott has mentioned this via twitter "Im officially stating it NOW!! @ghuwevans better put me in The Raid 3!!" How awesome would that be.....and guess what Gareth has recently tweeted ""Im working on an idea for something - would love to get Adkins and Bell as a couple of killer antagonists" THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN :)!.

    Photo Gallery & Facebook

    We have updated our photo gallery so go check them out below. Also big thanks for getting Scott's Facebook page to 800k likes thats fantastic now lets see how quick we can get to that 1 million mark.



    NINJA 2




    Official Scott Adkins Facebook


    Have a listen to a cool podcast that Scott did with, where he talks about Ninja: Shadow of a Tear, confirms his audition for Batman, Undisputed 4 and working with action legend.

    September 2013

    Ninja II:Shadow of a Tear

    WOW what a great month for Adkins fanz, we have been treated to lots of great pics from the film and finally the trailer for Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear...of which was really badass.

    The film had its premiere last night at Fantastic Fest last night and the first review has come up and it is very positive, here is just a few words from that review - "The real winner of the day was saved for last. One of the many joys of attending a film festival is seeing something you’ve never heard of before, walking in cold to an experience that inspires great enthusiasm. Such was the case with Ninja: Shadow of a Tear". " The cheers that came after each fight scene in Ninja: Shadow of a Tear felt totally earned. If you love action, if you love martial arts, or if you love something in between, you’ll want to see Ninja: Shadow of a Tear as soon as you can."

    Check out the review below along with the trailer and photos

    Fantastic Fest Review of Ninja II

    Green Street: Never Back Down

    We have also been treated to the trailer for Green Street: Never Back Down and it looks brutal, check out the last scene of with Scott getting into beast mode.

    The film will be out October 21st in UK on DVD & BLU RAY.

    Metal Hurlant Chronicles

    Here is some cool new pictures from the season 2 episode from the Metal Hurlant Chronicles.

    more news

    TwitchFilm spoke to NINJA 2 producer and he says "UNDISPUTED 4 is being written now, should shoot in spring." Now this is some great news, possible new producers means better budget and locations..."BOYKA BOYKA".

    Comic Con time in NYC! Director Renny Harlin will present never-before-seen footage from the film Hercules: The Legend Begins as well as an exclusive teaser trailer. Even more exciting - there will be a Q+A session with Kellan Lutz, Scott Adkins and other stars from the film! This will be Saturday, October 12 2013.

    Below is some various pictures of Scott from being on holiday to fantastic fest

    September 2013

    Ninja II:Shadow of a Tear

    Ninja II: Shadow Of A Tear will have it's World Premiere this month at Fantastic Fest - Austin, Texas with Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine in attendance. Hopefully the trailer should be coming any time now.

    Luke Mullins says Director Isaac Florentine's NINJA sequel is a lean, mean, action-packed film. The plot is basic but unobtrusive and the fight sequences flow naturally and abundantly. Scott Adkins is at the top of his game, as graceful and athletic as ever, with flying spin kicks and flurries of punches that seem effortless. He is a one-man army, wreaking havoc all over Asia in his quest for vengeance. The fights are extraordinary, with camera placement, slow-motion sequences and editing that bests almost any big budget Hollywood action. Fans will not be disappointed; this is a straight-up, hard-hitting action film and some of the best work we've ever seen from both Florentine and Adkins.

    Metal Hurlant Chronicles

    Scott will return to the Metal Hurlant Chronicles series - he will play in the fourth episode of the new season which is called "Second Chance", it will also star John Rhys Davies and model Lygie Duvivier.

    Hercules - The Legend Begins

    The film has had a name change to Hercules - The Legend Begins and the first official image of Scott as King Amphitryon has been put online which is below

    Photos & more

    Some photos from the film Wolf and a cool photo Scott posted on facebook, also the trailer for Green Street Hooligans:Underground will be online soon.

    August 2013


    There has been a lot of news as of late on facebook, youtube and movie sites to get Scott Adkins to be the next Batman in the new Man Of Steel sequel. We have heard its possible that Scott Adkins has been approached by Warner Brothers to audition for the role and he may have even already auditioned. How AWESOME is that!! We have created a facebook page below in support of this so go there now and like the page

    Also a big thanks to Jamie Snowden and all the fans who have been supportive creating posters and videos to get Adkins as Batman. Fingers crossed he gets the role!

    Adkins for Batman Facebook Page


    Scott has been in China filming with Jacky Wu Jing in the film "WOLF", Scott has finished filming now. Check out some behind the scene pictures below.

    July 2013

    Hercules & New film "WARG"

    Scott has now finished filming Hercules and mentioned this on Twitter "Wrapped on #Hercules3D, back home for 3 days then off to China to do battle with Jacky Wu Jing! #WayTooBusy".

    Ninja II

    Here are the first stills from Ninja 2.

    Ninja 2 Gallery

    Fast 7 & Scott vs Iko Uwais??

    Scott mentioned The Rock on Twitter regarding Fast 6 and The Rock replied, Scott put out there a VS match for Fast 7 and this sent Adkins fanz on a mission to get him in the film and created the facebook page below. Also there has been some hints on Twitter regarding a ADKINS vs IKO UWAIS in a film, how awesome would that be??

    Scott for Fast 7 facebook page


    We have added some photos to the following gallerys: Green Street Hooligans & Various.

    May 2013

    Hercules 3D

    Some fantastic news regarding Scott's new film, which will be "Hercules 3D" directed by Renny Harlin who did Cliffhanger & Die Hard 2. It will be one of many lead roles and Scott will play King Amphitryon. Myths are that During Amphitryon’s absence, Alcmene (Hercule's mother) became pregnant by Zeus, who disguised himself as Amphitryon, when he visited her; she then became pregnant again by her real husband upon his return. Of these unions were born twin boys, of whom Iphicles was the son of Amphitryon, Hercules the son of Zeus.

    Ninja II

    Scott recently tweeted "Just watched rough cut of Ninja 2 end fight - fight fans - get ready to be happy!".

    Ninja 2 Gallery


    We have added some photos to the following gallerys: Green Street Hooligans, The Expendables 2, Ninja & Various.

    May 2013

    New Video

    Scott recently put online a new video of him training which is below, he mentioned that he is currently bulking up for a new role of which he has mentioned it is unfortunatley not going to be Undisputed 4. Tho the film is unknown at the moment it will be announced soon and possibly more training videos to come, which is great news.

    Green Street Hooligans:Underground

    Here is a cool promotional poster for the film & we are looking forward to seeing the trailer when it comes out.

    Green Street Hooligans: Underground Gallery

    Future project??

    Michael Jai White was asked on twitter if he will be doing a new film with Scott, both Scott and Michael responded! MJW said "We have 2 in the planning stages, fingers crossed", Scott's response was "We will very soon!". Lets hope this happens as it would be fantastic to see these two full on in kick ass mode.

    Fan-made drawings

    Here is some more brilliant drawings by Katarina Venom.

    April 2013

    Distant Shores

    Scott Adkins has mentioned that the film could happen in the future its not fully cancelled, no dates confirmed as to when it could start filming.


    Here is some new behind the scene photos for The Expendables 2, NinjA 2, Metal Hurlant Chronicles & Green Street Hooligans.

    Photo Gallery

    Fan-made drawings

    Here is some awesome drawings by Katarina Venom of Boyka & Casey in Ninja.


    Credit to Paul Black for the photos

    April 2013

    Distant Shores

    Unfortunatley the film Scott was going to do with Randy Couture will no going ahead at the moment but we should have some news on a new project soon

    NINJA 2

    Here is some new behind the scene photos.

    Ninja II Gallery

    Legendary:Tomb Of The Dragon

    The film is in the final stages of post-production. Composer Paul Leonard-Morgan (Dredd, Limitless) is currently scoring the film. There will be a 3D screening at the Cannes Film Market in May for distributors and the picture will be released likely in the summer or later in China.

    Legendary Photo Gallery

    Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning

    Check out this awesome fan-made trailer for the film. This really gives a good impression of films feel/tone.

    March 2013

    New Interview

    Scott recently did a cool small interview with and discusses current films, James Bond and more. Check it out in the link below

    Birmingham Press Interview

    NINJA 2

    Ninja 2 has now finished filming, Scott Adkins has posted on facebook a new photo from the film and we have added 13 behind the scene photos in the gallery.

    Ninja II Gallery


    The director of Green Street - James Nunn posted on Twitter that the film has now finished the ADR process and posted a photo of him and Scott below. The film also now has a facebook page, like the page to get all the up to date information, photos and videos from the film.

    We have added 13 new photos to the gallery

    Green Street Hooligans: Underground Facebook page


    News has come out saying that RE-KILL will be released in Russia on the 4th July under the name Re-loaded, no further release dates for other countries at the moment.

    Katarina Venom as usual has done an awesome drawing for RE-KILL, check it out below.

    February 2013


    Scott Adkins new film after NINJA 2 will be DISTANT SHORES starring alongside UFC Legend Randy Couture

    The film is described as being in the vein of Dead Calm and The Grey, the story centers around a couple who sails into the ocean to commit suicide but are interrupted by the arrival of another mysterious vessel. Before long these two people who were ready to die are fighting to stay alive.

    NINJA 2

    The first pics off the set of NINJA 2 have come out and we are excited, here is what Scott had to say during filming. "Ninja 2 is one of the toughest shoots I've ever been on but I have a feeling it will all be worth it. Keep the faith in action films."Ninja 2 may have some of the best fight scenes I've ever done, Kane Kosugi is an incredible martial artist, it is a pleasure to work with him."


    Our man Scott is currently in the film Zero Dark Thirty which is a fantastic film and been getting rave reviews. Even tho his part is small its great to see Scott in one of the best films of 2013


    The film will be released in the autumn of 2013. Producing for Lionsgate UK, Nicola Pearcey said: “It’s been an important part of Lionsgate’s agenda to continue to produce UK content and we’re excited to be able to do so with such a great team. “We very much look forward to bringing Green Street audiences an explosive new sequel to a highly popular franchise."

    We have added 13 new photos to the gallery

    Green Street Hooligans: Underground Gallery

    RELEASE DATES for Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning are as follows:

    Germany - 18 December 2012 - this is uncut and 3d but lacks extras (DVD & Blu-ray)

    Israel- 20 December 2012

    U.S - 2 January this one has the best extras but is the cut version

    Australia - 9 January 2013 this is 3d and uncut(DVD & Blu-ray)

    Sweden - 16 January 2013 (Blu-ray & DVD)

    France - 23 January 2013 (DVD & Blu-ray)

    UK - 4 February 2013 (Blu-ray & DVD premiere) there will also be a steelbook it will be Uncut

    Holland & Belgium - March 5th

    December 2012


    Scott is currently filming a British movie called Green Street Hooligans: Underground starring along side Jack Doolan, Josh Myers, Joey Ansah & Christian Howard. Joey Ansah will also be the fight choreographer for the film. See some of the 1st pictures from set below.

    Green Street Hooligans: Underground Gallery


    Some cool news as it seems we will be getting some more Ninja action from Adkins in....NINJA 2. Isaac Florentine will be reunited with Adkins for their sixth project together, DOP Ross Clarkson will also return. Kane Kosugi son of legendary 80's Ninja hero Sho Kosugi will plays Adkins's nemesis in the film. Check out the promo poster below.

    RELEASE DATES for Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning are as follows:

    Australia - 12 December 2012 (Sydney) (Melbourne) (premiere)

    Germany - 18 December 2012 (DVD & Blu-ray premiere)

    Israel- 20 December 2012

    Australia - 9 January 2013 (DVD & Blu-ray premiere)

    Sweden - 16 January 2013 (Blu-ray & DVD premiere)

    France - 23 January 2013 (DVD & Blu-ray premiere)

    UK - 4 February 2013 (Blu-ray & DVD premiere)


    Austrailian fanz we will have a competition on here and Scott's Official facebook page to win 5 DVDS of El Gringo & Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning in January upon release, so look out for the details.

    November 2012

    Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning opened up in U.S theatres on the 30th November and is also currently showing in Turkey & India. Amazon have also listed a blu-ray release for the U.K for 4th February on DVD/Bluray.

    The film is still generating some fantastic reviews, so if the film is showing in your area make sure you go and support the film as the film derserves your cash for all the hard work put into it.

    Scott attended 2 screenings in Russia which went fantastic and looked like he had a very warm welcome, some great support from the Russian fanz


    Metal Hurlant Chronicles opened in France to some great reviews, Scott went to the premiere in Paris and met up with 5 lucky winners who got the chance to see the show and go VIP with Scott Adkins & Michael Jai White

    El Gringo has been given a Blu-ray release date in Germany of February 7th 2013 & February 13th 2012 for France under the name Bad Yankee

    September 2012

    This month has been awesome with soo much promotion going on for Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning, we have added 34 new photos from the film to the gallery. There have been some fantastic posters made by fans, John Hyams & distributors which you can see below.

    There have been screenings in Germany and the film has been getting great reviews: "watching this I thought "The Shining!!!" in one scene, "Memento!!!" in a few others, "Philip K. Dick!!!" in the end."Allready saw it on the big screen in 3D and it totaly blow me away. What a vibrating, marvelous directed journey into the heart of darkness. A masterpiece on the level of APOCALYPSE NOW, 2001 and ALIEN." " UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING is not only a masterpiece, it is indeed so much different than anything we've seen in DTV action. Ever. It's complex, dark, dreamy, violent - and, in its consequently fragmented structure, influenced as much by art cinema as by genre filmmaking. I am very thankful I had the chance to see it on Berlin's IMAX screen, and really: this should play on the big screens everywhere."

    The film will be screened September 22nd at Austin's Fantastic Fest at 6.30pm, in attendence will be Scott, Dolph Lundgren and John Hyams. Details are on the below link.

    More releases dates have been announced, these are the only countries at the moment as soon as we know more it will be posted. So here are the following:

    USA - VOD October 25th - THEATRICAL November 30th

    RUSSIA - October 4th THEATRICAL - Scott will be attending the premiere, details will be announced


    JAPAN - THEATRICAL 3rd November

    GERMANY - DVD 18th December 2012

    Austin Screening for Universal Soldier Day Of Reckoning


    Scott is featured in this months edition of Total Film - OUT NOW. Our youtube channel has now been added with new videos from Legendary:Tomb of The Dragon, Universal Soldier trailers & Expendables 2 Interviews. So go check them out.

    ScottAdkinsFanz Youtube Channel

    If you havent watched it already, here is the trailer for Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning.

    August 2012

    If you havent heard there is a little film that has been released called The Expendables 2 :).

    Scott Adkins attended the London premiere and we have 28 photos and lots website/video interviews from this event for you, so head to the gallery or youtube page to view them. Also Scott has posted 3 photos of Hector on his facebook page which is in the gallery.

    The Expendables 2 Gallery

    ScottAdkinsFanz Youtube Channel

    Craveonline Interview

    Muscle & Fitness Interview

    Filmschoolrejects Interview

    Interview Interview

    Impactonline Interview

    Matt J. Horn Interview

    The trailer we have been waiting for is here - Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning. We have heard that this is not the official trailer and John Hyams the director will be doing a new trailer to show the actual feeling and look of the film.

    It has been announced that Universal Soldier:Day Of Reckoning we will be premiering with Dolph Lundgren John Hyams & Scott Adkins in person at the 2012 Fantastic Fest!

    August 2012

    The next few months are going to be massive for Scott, so alot of updates will be coming so keep checking the site.

    The Expendables 2 is only 2 weeks away and we are now getting alot of promotion for this, the premiere in L.A has now changed to the 15th August with Scott in attendence

    Here is a BADASS banner for The Expendables 2, along with 2 interviews Scott has done for the film, one on his own and the other with Dolph Lundgren. Check these out below


    UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING is coming out October 25 On Demand and November 30 in theaters in the U.S. We now have a poster for the film, along with 5 new photos. The film comes in 3D to german theaters at the fantasy film festival, it starts from 21th august til 13 september where you get the chance to watch it in 7 big cities in germany.


    Scott Adkins will feature in Muscle & Fitness's October issue and here is some pics from the photoshoot.

    Muscle & Fitness Photos

    Here is also a behind the scene picture from Metal Hurlant Chronicles

    July 2012

    Just to let you guys know Scott Adkins will be attending the the L.A premiere of The Expendables 2 on August 3rd.

    Here is an awesome fan made poster for Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning, along with 2 photos Jean Claude Van Damme has posted online, website below.

    JCVD Official Website

    We have just added 10 behind the scene pictures from Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon.


    July 2012

    We have just added 17 behind the scene pictures from Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon.


    Here is an awesome retro poster for The Expendables 2

    Also Metal Hurlant Chronicles is being screened today at Comic Con in San Diego, so hopefully we will get some reviews on the episode Scott is featured in. If your attending email us your review and thoughts on the episode and we will post it.

    July 2012

    Here is 5 behind the scene pictures from Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon that is currently being filmed in China.

    Also at Comic con 2012 San Diego: Metal Hurlant Chronicles will be presented in the presence of the actors Michael Jai White, Marsters, Darren Shahlavi, James Guillaume Lubrano, composer Jesper Kyd, fight choreographer Larnell Stovall and other surprises. This will be the episode Scott is featured in "Kings Crown" on Saturday 14th July at 5.30pm, Room 6DE

    June 2012

    It is Scott Adkins birthday on the 17th so head to the Official facebook page to leave him a birthday message

    Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page

    Here is the Dutch DVD & Blu Ray release for El Gringo - September 19th 2012

    Here is 3 fantastic drawings by Katarina Venom, the 1st one is an idea she had for Undisputed 4 - "Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka, special for Undisputed 4. Now hes got a new passport and money, and he needs to leave Georgia to find his own way.". Also a nice fan-made poster for Universal Soldier: Day Of Recokining

    June 2012

    Scott just posted a photo on Facebook of him training saying this "After a much needed break due to injuries -- time to get back into shape for some upcoming action films!!

    The Expendables 2 is not far from release and we have been getting some cool promotion like the tv spot below where you can see Adkins tornado kick Jason Statham at 23 seconds. Also here is a behind the scene photo from the film and a poster made by Mike. Are you guys looking forward to ADKINS vs STATHAM??

    June 2012

    Here is the Poster for Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon

    Here is 3 fantastic drawings made by Katarina Venom and a nice photo by Mike Holdsworth

    May 2012

    Scott has now started filming is new movie Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon with Dolph Lundgren, here is some information below along with some cool photos from a ceremony in China before filming. I have also added a link to the new Legendary photo gallery.

    The great tradition of big action movie of good artistic and entertainment value for the grown-up family entertainment is back and well served by a new 95 minutes action packed adventure film shot in 3D this summer in China! With mastery, scientific feel and lots of adventure, the 'Tomb of the Dragon', will take you to the remote, unexplored and dangerous landscape of China's central province. Predictably rich in water and minerals could this forsaken land also be filled with other unearthed and unexpected surprises? You will have to wait and see!

    Meanwhile - to get the film ready for release on time - a mixed team of actors, and film crews will be spending 8 weeks in China. The film is based on Andy Briggs story and script (Andy has authored the HERO.COM series and the VILLAIN.NET anti-series for Young Adults, also a latest book TARZAN: THE GREYSTOKE LEGACY and is set to re-launch the TARZAN franchise for a new generation)

    The film is based on Andy Briggs story and script (Andy has authored the HERO.COM series and the VILLAIN.NET anti-series for Young Adults, also a latest book TARZAN: THE GREYSTOKE LEGACY and is set to re-launch the TARZAN franchise for a new generation)Eric Styles directs and this is a second collaboration with Chris Milburn (the previous being 'RELATIVE VALUES' - an ensemble comedy starring Julie Andrews, Colin Firth, Steven Fry, and Jeanne Tripplehorn). To his credit Erik has directed 'DREAMING OF JOSEPH LEES' written by Catherine Linstrum, with Samantha Morton and Rupert Graves, 'TEMPO' with Melanie Griffith, Hugh Dancy and Rachel Leigh Cook, 'MISS CONCEPTION' starring Heather Graham and Mia Kirshner and in 2009 'TRUE TRUE LIE', starring Jaime King.


    John Hyams has done an exclusive interview for Moviehole regarding Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning, hit the link below to check it out

    John Hyams Universal Soldier 4 Interview

    Scott recently did a phone interview with the guys at where he talks about El Gringo, Universal Soldier 4 & Expendables 2, the interview starts around the 8 minute mark so go have listen.

    Joblo Podcast Interview

    Martial Art Pics have just put up a really cool photo of Scott Adkins, to check out other photos and be updated when new ones are online, go and hit like on the Facebook Page

    Martial Arts Pics Facebook Page

    May 2012

    El Gringo has now been released in the U.S in theaters and V.O.D. If you want Undisputed 4 to happen you need to support this film and future projects Scott makes, so if your in the U.S here is some links below for you to rent the film!

    Theater Listings

    Download via ITUNES

    Amazon Instant Watch

    Have you seen El Gringo? Let us know your thoughts on the film via the Scott Adkins forum

    New Scott Adkins Forum

    Here is a cool poster featuring all the action stars from The Expendables 2 & two awesome drawings by Katarina Venom of Boyka

    May 2012

    Here it is guys the Official character poster for Scott Adkins in the Expendables 2!

    "The Sadistic henchman Hector is quick with a blade and loyal to the cause… a menacing combo."

    Let us know what you think on the forum

    New Scott Adkins Forum

    May 2012

    The Expendables 2 promotion has begun and here is a poster featuring Scott with the rest of the cast and some great fan-made character posters of Hector.

    Think you can make a better poster? Send them in to us and lets see what you can do.

    We have also added 10 more pictures from EL GRINGO in the gallery

    EL GRINGO Gallery

    May 2012

    Here it is guys the awesome trailer for The Expendables 2

    We have added 15 pictures from EL GRINGO in the gallery some are screencaps from the trailer, a photo of Scott with UFC fighter Vaughn Lee and 2 screencaps of Scott in The Expendables 2 trailer.


    April 2012

    The poster and trailer is here for El Gringo and we think it looks kick ass, let us know what you think on the forum.

    New Scott Adkins Forum

    April 2012

    This week we will have the trailers for both El Gringo & The Expendables 2

    El Gringo will be released in theaters and VOD on May 11th for more detail head to the After Dark Films website below.

    El Gringo Cinema Listings

    We now have a whole new forum, it has been redesigned for a more modern and slick layout, it also supports Tapatalk for all you mobile users. So head there now and sign up to get all the latest information, photos, videos and chat with other Adkins fanz

    New Scott Adkins Forum

    Also some new gallerys to check out with all the latest photos from Scott's upcoming films





    April 2012

    Scott Adkins anounced on Facebook he will be going back to Bulgaria for some more filming on The Expendables 2

    Here is what he said "Back to Bulgaria for more Expendables!!"

    Universal Soldier has now been re-named to Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning, a secret 10 minute preview was screened at Action Fest. Head to the forum as some members got a chance to see this and see what they thought of the footage

    This month we got news that Scott had just finished filming his role in Kathryn Bigelows movie Zero Dark Thirty, poster below. "Just back from shooting new Kathryn Bigelow movie, what an amazing experience!".

    November 2011

    Here is a set picture of Scott Adkins with Randy Couture, Jean Claude Van Damme & Terry Crews for The Expendables 2. Also some images from Metal Hurlant Chronicles

    For more information, photos and videos on Scott Adkins, head to the Official facebook page

    Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page

    October 2011

    Here is the 1st Official image of Scott in character as Hector for The Expendables 2.

    The teaser trailer for Metal Hurlant Chronicles is here and it looks awesome, Scott will feature in one episode called "King's Crown" opposite Michael Jai White, Darren Shahlavi and Matt Mullins.

    October 2011

    Scott Adkins has now arrived in Bulgaria ready for The Expendables 2, earlier he tweeted "Flying to Bulgaria to take on some action stars!"

    The October newsletter has come via the official site and gives more details on The Expendables 2.

    We are very happy to announce that our man Scott has been cast as "Hector" in the eagerly anticipated Expendables sequel which also stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzennegger, JCVD, Dolph Lundgren and Bruce Willis just to name a few. Adkins will be 2nd in command to Jean Claude Van Damme's Jean Vilain, leader of an opposing team of mercenaries. Here's what Scott can tell us. "It's an honour and a privilege to join the ranks of what can only be described as the biggest grouping of action stars in any film, ever! So many of these guys have been such an inspiration to me and so many others throughout their career. I'm excited to be reunited with my good friend Jean Claude Van Damme and I can't wait to take on Stallone and his Expendables. I may need some help though, so I'm bringing the spirit of Boyka along for the ride." The Expendables 2 will be released August 12th 2012. We cannot wait!

    Scott has also just finished work on the upcoming sci-fi adventure TV series "Metal Hurlant Chronicles" in the episode "King's Crown". The famous comic book is known in other parts of the world as "Heavy Metal" which is being brought to the screen by French/UK WE Productions, Humanoids and Panini U.K. Media. "It was an absolute blast working with my mates Michael Jai White and Larnell Stoval again but also Darren Shahlavi and Matt Mullins who are friends of mine but I never got the chance to work with them before. The episode is almost all fighting and it was a great experience to try something different with the medieval weapons and a bit of kung fu of course. Larnell is a master choreographer and of course the guys are some of the best in the business also. I was taken by director Guillaume Lubrano's passion for the project and I look forward to the finished project."

    We have now over 31 images from The Metal Hurlant Chronicles on Scott Adkins Official Facebook Page, head there to check them out

    The Metal Hurlant Chronicles Gallery

    Septemeber 2011

    BIG NEWS - Scott Adkins will be in The Expendables 2 more details to come.

    Scott Adkins "Heading home to spend 2 weeks with my beautiful family. Then it's time to channel my inner Boyka for Expendables 2!"

    Here is 2 behind the scene photo's from El Gringo & 1 with Darren Shahlavi on a new project.

    Septemeber 2011

    Filming has now finished for EL GRINGO with Scott starring opposite Christian Slater, some pictures below to view more head to the official facebook page

    It seems Scott is working on a new secret project and the cast of it is KICK ASS

    The cast listed is Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Matt Mullins and Darren Shahlavi along with Larnell Stovall doing the choreography

    For more information, photos and videos on Scott Adkins, head to the Official facebook page

    Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page

    August 2011

    Scott Adkins is currently filming the main lead in new film "EL GRINGO" in Baton Rouge.

    It will co-star Christian Slater who will play the other major role a cop trying to track down Scott Adkins character

    Yvette Yates will also be starring along side Scott & Christian

    Assassination Games is now available to rent for U.S fans on VOD, iTunes, Crackle, Xbox, PS3, Amazon and more, with a September/October release for Europe.

    Scott Adkins agreed to do a Q&A with fans on facebook, the video is posted below

    For more information, photos and videos on Scott Adkins, head to the Official facebook page

    Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page

    July 2011

    Scott Adkins now has a new Official Facebook page. So go check it out for all the latest updates.

    Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page

    The film WEAPON has now changed to "Assassination Games" below you will find 9 photos, U.S cover & trailer

    It is scheduled for a limited theatrical release in the U.S at the end of July with a DVD release in September

    A new behind the scene's photo from Universal Soldier: A New Dimension

    June 2011

    Scott Adkins has agreed to answer 5 of the best questions via video from fanz on the official facebook page. So head there now and ask the man himself and see if your question gets picked.

    Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page

    Scott will answer questions regarding Universal Soldier but will not be giving any plot points away as it will spoil the movie.Try not to make your questions too generic & also take a look at the previous Q&A Scott did with fanz below

    Previous Fanz Q&A with Scott Adkins

    Here is some awesome behind the scene pictures from Universal Soldier: A New Dimension

    Some Twitter messages from Scott & Larnell Stovall

    "Body is broken and battered, but another action movie in the bag. I believe in this movie, it will kick your ass! Wifi on a plane, cool!"

    "Universal Soldier 4... EPIC!!! Thank you everyone for all of ur hard work, it was a team effort. L"

    Here is the facebook page for Universal Soldier: A New Dimension

    Universal Soldier: A NEW Dimension Facebook page

    May 2011

    Here are some messages from Scott Adkins on twitter regarding Universal Soldier: A New Dimension

    "Universal Soldier: New Dimension is looking great guys. I have very high hopes. Happy for a long weekend break and recuperation."

    "Van Damme kicked my ass today! Always a pleasure."

    "Rehearsing with Dolph yesterday, great guy and very good with choreography. Looking forward to fighting with the best Punisher!"

    "Huge car chase tomorrow morning, bring it on!"

    "Doing fight scenes with Arlovski is a pleasure and a privilege, guy goes 110%. This movie is looking great!!!"

    Here is a behind the scenes photo of Scott Adkins, Larnell Stovall & Michael Jai White

    May 2011

    Below is 3 new behind the scene pictures and a video from the film Assassination Games.

    April 2011

    Exclusive Behind The Scene Photo of Scott, Larnell Stovall and Andrei Arlovski

    From Scott's twitter "1st days fight rehearsal. Luckily for me the Pit Bull knows how to pull his punches"

    April 2011

    Some great news!!Scott Adkins has been signed for the MAIN role in

    Universal Soldier: A New Dimension which will also feature

    Jean Claude Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren in cameo roles. John Hyams will be director

    along with Larnell Stovall as the fight choreographer. Filming will take place

    in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. There is also the possibility of this being

    in 3D. More details and exclusives to follow soon.

    March 2011

    Want Scott Adkins to star in The Expendables 2?? Well come and support the facebook group we have created to get Scott in the film.

    Scott Adkins For The Expendables 2 Facebook page

    Here is a behind the scenes clip from the film WEAPON, which was featured on Jean Claude Van Damme's new reality tv show.

    March 2011

    Congratulations to Scott and his fiancé, his fiance has given birth to Scott's daughter Carmel Adkins his first child.

    February 2011

    Here is the facebook page for Rage Of The Tiger

    Ross Clarkson the director wants to hear from you the fanz

    Post your casting choices, your own show reels/acting skills, fan-made posters etc

    Whats different about this film? A studio doesnt own this film, Ross Clarkson owns “Rage of the Tiger” and the script is finished, so all he needs to do is raise the finance an he can make the film.

    So come and join Rage of the Tiger and learn more about this production.

    Rage Of The Tiger Facebook Page

    February 2011

    Here is a potential new film called Rage Of The Tiger and will be by Ross Clarkson

    Rage Of The Tiger Synopsis

    February 2011

    You can now pre-order Re-Kill over at, the release date is scheduled for 19 September 2011


    The Boyka:Undisputed IV facebook page has now hit almost 11,000 likes, so thanks to everyone for supporting the page. Im sure it will get bigger, if you have not joined the page click below

    Boyka: Undisputed IV Facebook Group

    February 2011

    "NEW MOVIE" - SCOTT ADKINS is about to start filming in Los Angeles for the role of Walt Rostow in HIJACKED alongside Dominic Purcell, Craig Fairbrass, Vinnie Jones and Randy Couture.

    Here is the trailer for RE-KILL which will now be released later in the year

    Dont forget to come and support the group so we can get as many members as possible

    Boyka: Undisputed IV Facebook Group

    December 2010

    Scott Adkins will be featured in the February 2011 edition of Black Belt Magazine which is released now to purchase.


    If you have made a fan-made poster for Boyka: Undisputed IV, send them to and it will be featured in the gallery on facebook. We have had some excellent ones so far. Here is an example of some of the fan-made posters.

    Dont forget to come and support the group so we can get as many members as possible

    Boyka: Undisputed IV Facebook Group

    Iv added 2 videos to the youtube channel of Scott Adkins & Isaac Florentine discussing the Undisputed franchise, thanks to black belt magazine

    November 2010

    We have added 23 new behind the scenes photos from NINJA

    Here is a group iv created to get the buzz going to get Boyka: Undisputed IV made. So come join and help us get more members

    Boyka: Undisputed IV Facebook Group

    Here is an interview done by a lady called Marcey with Loren Avedon (The King Of The Kickboxers). Loren discusses alot about Scott Adkins, listen to a preview of the interview below. Also the full interview is there for you guys to check out aswell.

    Loren Avedon Interview

    October 2010


    The Most Complete Fighter deserves his own iPhone App! Work is now underway and Defensivemedia will be releasing some teasers of the User Interface soon

    So for more details head to the link below and sign up to know when this application will be available

    iBoyka iPhone Application

    Scott has done an interview with - life lessons of an action star. Check it out below

    ASKMEN.COM interview

    October 2010


    2 new videos have been added to Scott's official site and on to our youtube channel.

    One is the Black Mask 2 teaser trailer and the other is from a TV show Scott appeared in called Mutant X in 2002.

    Here is some new photos from WEAPON the film that Scott Adkins is starring in opposite Jean Claude Van Damme

    I have also now added a WEAPON gallery, which you can view all the photos we currently have of Scott Adkins in Weapon below.

    WEAPON Photo Gallery

    Scott Adkins has now joined Twitter, so to see what the man himself is up to click the link below

    Scott Adkins Official Twitter

    October 2010


    Scott has redesigned his Official site.

    There will be exclusive news, videos, galleries and fitness advice from the man himself, also make sure you sign up to the newsletter.

    Scott Adkins will be doing video's on weight training, martial arts.

    Also there will be merchandise as well.

    Scott Adkins Official Site

    September 2010

    Here is 4 new behind the scene photo's from Weapon

    Here is a 2nd behind the scenes video featuring Scott Adkins

    September 2010

    Here is the first official photo from Weapon. It is Scott Adkins & Bianca Van Varenberg (Van Damme's real life daughter)who will play Scott's wife in the film.

    Also this is the first behind the scenes video featuring Scott Adkins performing a nice kick

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